Highlights from performances




“A special place in the hearts of the audience was occupied by the servant Smeton, embodied by countertenor Franko Klisović. From acting, stage play, presence and vocal preparation to technical capabilities and performance, Klisović was excellent and actually flawless. This was confirmed by the audience with thunderous and long-lasting applause on the open stage after the aria.”




“However, the countertenor Franko Klisović won over the audience, who honored him with prolonged applause in the open stage, with his heartfelt interpretation of the aria “È sgombro il loco”, in which he demonstrated great control of his voice in the execution of the dynamics. Klisović also received the loudest applause at the end of the show.”



“The page Smeton was sung by the Croatian countertenor Franko Klisović, who
completely delighted the Rijeka audience with the power but also the tenderness
of his singing, and was enthusiastically greeted by the audience on both nights.”





“Here, it is necessary to mention the Croatian countertenor Franco Klisović, whose singing in both arias surprised by his technical maturity, and above all by his conscious work with voice color and dynamics, always in accordance with the stylistic interpretation. In addition, he also excelled in his performance in the dual role of the warrior god Mart and the unsung role of Emperor Charles VI.”




“The role of Emperor Charles VI. Pilar conveniently entrusted to the soloist who sang the role of Mars. Franco Klisovic shone not only with his countertenor, with which he showed off his held heights in a manneristic manner, but also with his acting skills.”




“The representative of Mars and Charles VI was the most expressive - and in a way also the most captivating - in his speech. Franco Klisovic. Despite his age, Klisovic is an extremely technically advanced singer who has stunning control over his voice, both over its color and expression, as well as dynamics, all with flawless intonation and bravura articulation.”








"As Ottone, caught in an unhappy love for Poppea, the Croatian countertenor Franko Klisović delights the listeners with an extremely round, melodious and well-grounded voice."







„The Croatian countertenor Franko Klisovic rendered “Va tacito e nascosto” from Handel’s Giulio Cesare with clear, easy high notes; an unusually secure low range; floating pianissimmi; excellent trills and natural showmanship.




“La concordia de pianeti” (A. Caldara)
Czech ensemble baroque, Spanish hall, Prague | Czech Republic


“Of the seven gods, the Croatian countertenor Franko Klisović (Mars) deserves an eminent award – an impressive, sonorous, color-pleasing voice with a certain technique; a promising talent.”





“La concordia de pianeti” (A. Caldara)
Czech ensemble baroque, Besední dům, Brno | Czech Republic


„However, I personally believe that, at least in this production, both matadors were overshadowed by the rising star of the countertenors, Franco Klisovic. His eccentric portrayal of the god of war Marta, who decorates his war trumpet with flowers, hid a purely actor's grasp of the character. Technically, or even from the point of view of the production itself, there is nothing to fault the young Croat. Nevertheless, Klisovic's work with expression and diction deserves praise. The final cadenzas became the greatest highlights, in which the conscious use of color, dynamics and tempo were connected into a (literally!) flawless whole.”




“Giulio Cesare in Egitto” (G. F. Händel)
Savonlinna Opera Festival | Finland


“All are good singers, but the real gem is the countertenor Klisović, who makes a wonderful over-offensive drag character.”




Croatian National Theatre in Rijeka | Croatia


“Franko Klisović was excellent. He showed musicality accompanied by great technical skill in the emotional living of each tone.”



“The unusual and rarely experienced sound of the countertenor could be heard again in Rijeka, in Klisović's safe and lively performance, which deserves every praise. If in the first aria he left some open questions in terms of a comprehensive impression, they were fully answered in the second aria »Es ist vollbracht!«.  Regardless of whether it is a calm part of longer phrases or a coloratura Vivace part, Klisović showed that he knows what he is doing.”






Concert “BACH FAMILY” (Croatian baroque ensemble)
Theatre Kerempuh IN Zagreb | CROATIA


“All the arias were sung by the young countertenor Franko Klisović, showing all the qualities of a singer of the baroque repertoire: secure intonation, voice mobility and evenness in all registers of a large tonal range, good diction, phrasing and breathing technique.”




FESTIVAL “ALLEGRETTO” in Žilina | Slovakia


“I'm trying to remember how many important countertenors we've ever heard on Slovak opera or concert stages. I don't have to go deeper into history, this type of voice has never been heard in our country. To the two big names we got to know in 2014 and 2017, another one was added at the 30th edition of the Žilina Allegretto festival - Franko Klisović.”


“He is a singer who is extremely musical, technically skilled and courageous.”


"Franko Klisović was able to sing Arsace from Semiramide with absolute technical certainty and strong expressiveness. It was a unique example of how to sing Rossini's coloraturas and thrillers. They were precise, clear, sparkling, in one breath. Whether they are in height, in the middle or in the contraalt depth. It was a perfect performance, it was an example of an extremely demanding aria from one of Gioachino Rossini's most perfect operas."






Teatro Olimpico di Vicenza | Italy


"The countertenor Franko Klisović, another surprising and technically confident voice, with a bronze color and sonorous depth up to the high notes launched with arrogance and extreme confidence, has a beautiful figure, tall and scenically important."




“The countertenor Franko Klisovic produced a very strong performance in the role of Farnace, whom he successfully portrayed as a defiant, emotional character whose repentance in the final act was fully believable. He possesses a strong, bright, flexible voice which he used with intelligence to develop his interpretation in which he successfully married vocal beauty with characterization and expression. Each of his arias was given a nuanced, forceful presentation in which “Venga pur, minacci, e frema” was particularly impressive, in what was a detailed presentation full of dynamic and emotional accents, with occasional sparks of color and pleasing ornamentations. Very different was his aria “Gia dagli occhi il velo” in which he showed off his gentle phrasing.”





54th Mikuláš Schneider-Trnavsky International vocal competition, Trnava | Slovakia

“He already concealed our breath in Mikuláš Schneider-Trnavský's song Ružički, which was apparently performed in this type of voice for the first time in history. He delivered it with great nobility, emotion, dynamism and perfect pronunciation. However, he literally shocked with the extremely demanding aria of Arsace from the 1st act of the opera Semiramide by Gioachino Rossini. He had everything: soprano highs, full mids and sonorous alto depths, precise Rossini coloratura, stylish phrasing and deep expression.”






Concert “REJOICE!(Croatian baroque ensemble)
Croatian National Institute in Zagreb | Croatia


“His voice has a little darker timber, with a nice color, intonationally safe, very moving in coloratura and ornaments, and tonally convincing and equal in all registers, and in the interpretation, the clear pronunciation of the text and a wide range of dynamic nuances come to the fore.”





Korkyra baroque festival | Croatia


“In one of the most beautiful movements not only of that oratorio, but also of Handel's entire oeuvre, in the aria "Crede l'uom", on notes that sway like the sea on the evening mistral, Franko Klisović brought us to the rapture.”





“STABAT MATER” (G. B. Pergolesi)
Festival Passion Heritage, Zagreb | Croatia


“For Franko Klisović, it is possible to say that he is a God-given countertenor, a singer whose voice certainly rises to the heights and in warm colors, with musically designed agogy and dynamics, he simply conquers with his grace.”




“AGRIPPINA” (G. F. Händel)
Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb | Croatia


“But it is one thing to rehearse an aria, make coloraturas and sing it in class, and quite another to perform it in its natural context as an opera on stage. The most successful in this were the interpreters of the biggest and most difficult roles, such as Franko Klisović's Ottone. He successfully masters, as a rare beast in this sense, the singing technique of the countertenor voice.”